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Looking Back…Recycling Data from the Last Four Years

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It is the end of the school year and the recycling and sustainability group is helping students and faculty to recycle as much of their left over paper and other materials. It is at times like this that international schools like OSC realize the extraordinary amount of resources that they are consuming! Our service groups’s mission continues to be aimed at both recycling materials and reducing the overall amount consumed.

This time also marks a significant transition for us as the seniors, including co-leaders Constanze and Alex as well as super-assistant Jakov, depart for university and beyond. They have been an excellent bunch of students to work with and we will miss them. Meanwhile grade 10 student Tommasso has stepped in to take the leadership reins. He has worked with the group since grade 8 and it is a great loss that he is returning to Italy this summer. We trust that he will continue to work to reduce humanity’s ecological footprint in his new Mediterranean setting! Next year we are looking forward to new leadership from Grade 11 students. Jennifer is joining our group and already showing signs of enlightened and determined  leadership.  She will be joined by Sahil, Connor, Sanjiv and others. Our backbone remains the energetic MYP students.

In an effort to keep track of patterns and trends we have graphed our data from the last four years. The graph above highlights amounts of paper, cardboard and plastic recycled by OSC’s recycling & sustainability service project. These resources are collected and sorted by students during our Thursday afternoon service block. We then take them in the school pickup to our neighborhood scrap dealer where the paper and cardboard is sold and weighed. While we have been working to recycled more of our school’s waste we are also concerned about consumption patterns and are working to educate the community about reducing these levels. We also collected plastic, batteries, cartridges, but we are paid significantly for these. Glass and metals are also collected but our numbers are not significant.

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2012-06-06 at 8:33 AM