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Growing Waste Management Concerns in the Colombo News

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Several articles in local newspapers have highlighted the mounting problem with waste disposal in Colombo. Space is running out and no one wants a waste dump in their backyard. For those of us familiar with the situation here, this development comes as no surprise. It is clear that the city needs to do a better job with separating waste, composting biodegradable matter and recycling materials. Reducing the actual consumption is the ideal, though with the increase in social mobility and standards of living this seems unlikely at the moment.

Meanwhile at OSC, changes in what the municipal folks pick up may force us to look more carefully at our Recycling and Sustainability group’s plans to separate, compost and recycle our campus waste as part of an integrated campus waste management program.

Screen shot from the Sunday Times (16 September 2012)

See the articles below:

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2012-09-13 at 3:29 PM

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