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New Semester of Recycling

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In the past few weeks, our CAS has been able to have another sign up for the upcoming semester. Through this activity, we got a large number of new people to participate in our CAS programme along with others who have been a part of this activity for a long time.

Since a new semester of service has begun, new goals and reflections have been encouraged. From the previous semester of Recycling and Sustainability, we have done a wonderful job overall with all the hard work we have put into in the past semester.

This was the case because our student leaders, Jennifer and Sayanshu and Faculty Supervisor, Mr. Lockwood, kept up with their routine and meeting a few times a months to talk about tasks that need to be done during service sessions. Therefore, they are able to collaborate with each other was beneficial to making the service a success both for the CAS group and the rest of the school environment, being able to promote a more sustainable and healthy environment for the whole school community, raising global importance of recycling, reusing and reducing the materials used at the school, including paper and cardboard.

Everyone who participated in service were willing to work hard and be able to help out and the majority of the people to come to service every week. They work very hard in trying to accomplish what needs to be done every week, and acknowledging or understanding the importance of this CAS group. This was mainly done through planning intimate activities prior to having the meeting or recycling session

For the upcoming semester for this service group, continuing to develop skills, such as leadership and continuing to raise or help raise awareness of the issue amongst the participants and school students. If they achieve this in the upcoming semester, student’s parents would learn about the consequences and duties of recycling in the Colombo area. Another goal would involve the ability to learn about recycling from around the world. If this were done, then there would be make connections on how to solve solutions in the school surroundings, also learning about the situation from various countries.

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