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2012-13 In Review

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A busy afternoon at OSC's recycling & sustainability's collection center

A busy afternoon at OSC’s  collection center

2012-13 has been a good year for OSC’s Recycling & Sustainability service group. We have had two separate groups of students who have worked hard to reduce the school’s ecological footprint. It has also been gratifying to see several curricular links to ideas of sustainability being implemented at OSC. Several primary classes have environmental issues at the heart of the unit of inquiries and almost all of these have some sort of “action”: component worked into them. Grade 9 has conducted an “Eco Action” project and has looked at several different themes that are important to us (energy, waste etc.). Grade 11’s DP Geography class continues to conduct an annual study of recyclables and the economics of this informal activity in our local community.

There were several developments in Colombo and at our school regarding waste, recycling and energy this year. At OSC, an energy audit was conducted to assess where and how energy is being used. A report makes suggestions about modifications that the school should consider. Meanwhile, the Colombo municipality is enforcing rules about household and institution separating waste. In some cases they have provided different containers and color-coded bags to enable this. Unfortunately the issue of waste being left on roadsides is still a significant issue in our neighborhood ( actually outside of the CMC jurisdiction). While the school has started to separate waste, there is a still a long way to go. The OSC maintenance department did introduce a 3-category system of waste management. We still need to do more with the community about using these effectively. Beyond the campus, several municipal recycling units were closed which has made it difficult for citizens to find place to take their recyclables to. This comes at a time when the city of Colombo is undergoing a large-scale urban facelift with the assistance of the World Bank. The initiative is called the Metro Development Colombo Urban Development Plan.

Over the years the recycling & sustainability group has been fortunate to have some great student leaders. This year was no different and Satyanshu and Jennifer both did a superb job with helping the group to stay focused on its mission. They have both graduated now and are on their way to other life and educational adventures. They set a high standard for planning, articulating ideas of sustainability, leading younger students and effectively reflecting on the joys and tribulations of running the recycling & sustainability service group. Check out the links to their individual blogs (above right) to get a sense of their own growth and learning in our service group.

The OSC recycling and sustainability service group gets significant support from the OSC maintenance department. Every week they loan us a pickup truck , faithfully driven by Ranjit. One of the goals of our group is to work with the maintenance group to more efficiently mange recycling, waste and energy on the campus.

Updated data looking at the past four years of data from the recycling & sustainability program.

An updated graph illustrating the past five years of data from the recycling & sustainability program.

OSC's Recycling & Sustainability team 2-12-13 in the fall of 2012.

OSC’s Recycling & Sustainability team 2012-13 in the fall of 2012.



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