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Fresh Data on the 2013-14 Recycling Efforts at OSC

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(2010-14) Years Total (12 March 2014)An analysis of data on what we are recycling at OSC as compared to past years reveals some interesting facts. Firstly, the volume of what is being recycled is significantly down from past years. We are meeting at the same times and our approach has not changed significantly. However there are some possible explanations for the lower figures.

  • The 2013-14 data is based on August-March rather than the full school year (August-June) and thus is not yet complete
  • In the past years we have helped to recycle several large classroom cleanups that contributed to our totals. This school year we have not had any big jobs that have contributed to our amounts.
  • This year the school is moving to more electronic facilitation of teaching and learning(through Managebac, 1:1 computers etc.) and it could be that less paper is actually being used. For this to be investigated we need to access reliable data on paper being consumed (something that the business office is helping with).

It should also be noted that the OSC Canteen is separating waste that is then processed through the municipal collection service. The waste is being separated into the following categories: food waste, plastic and paper. The R&S group is not working with any of this and it is not calculated into our totals above.


Written by recycling1011

2014-03-11 at 8:19 AM

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