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Two Steps Forward in the OSC Canteen

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Last semester the Recycling and Sustainability/Train to Sustain group worked with the Reefkeepers service group on a joint effort to reduce the use the of disposable plates. Anyone who has been following this blog will know that problems with disposable items in the canteen has been a long standing issue that we have written and campaigned about (see posts in November 2014 and February 2017). At last the momentum built up and, with the support of the canteen committee and school administration, money was set aside to buy melamine plates and cups. The changes were made without much fanfare at the end of semester 1 and we have now seen significant reductions in solid waste generated by the canteen.

We still have a residual problem of the canteen supplying disposable plastic cutlery (and cups). We aren’t sure why this is happening given the investment in nice washable silverware. There is also the issue of drinks being served in disposable cups (with plastic caps and straws). Thus, as this goes to press we have new target to address to continue making the campus more sustainable.

News bins for waster separation at OSC.

News bins for waster separation at OSC.

Another development has been the implementation of a better waste collection system. In January 2017 the school maintenance department put out a new system to better segregate solid waste on campus. They have a three tier system for a) food b) paper and c) plastic etc. This waste is collected by the maintenance department and then given to the municipal waste collectors who visit the campus twice a week. The campus community is still having difficulty separating waste and we have noted that there is a need for a campaign to have people use the bins appropriately.

Written by recycling1011

2017-02-21 at 12:17 PM

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