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A New School Year

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The 2018-19 Recycling & Sustainability service group at the beginning of the school year.

This year we have several goals for OSC’s Recycling & Sustainability group inĀ  the 2018-19 school year.

  • Continue to pursue our mission statement of reducing the school’s ecological footprint through active recycling and information campaigns to help reduce consumption.
  • Improve the process of waste segregation on campus. It is not working very well at the moment.
  • Promote the composting of school garden waster through the in house design of a large leaf composter.
  • Sponsor a 2nd annual Environment Day (scheduled for March 2019).
  • Facilitate the installation and maintenance of a Biogas plant. The plant is being paid for with money that the R&S group raised through the sale of paper and cardboard over the last 13 years. OSC student Disara Samayawardhena is helping and taking a personal lead in this enterprise.
  • Work with other school collaborators on achieving our goals, namely the school maintenance department and the Reefkeepers service group.
  • Promote the idea of installing solar photovoltaic panels on our roofs. This is a significant investment but we believe it will help make OSC a more sustainable campus and Ms. Chameela’s case study demonstrated that it both both economic sense and good for the environment. We are pushing the idea with the school board who commissioned a feasibility study in 2017-18.


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2018-09-18 at 2:15 PM