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2019 Beginnings

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OSC’s Recycling & Sustainability semester 1 group before the first collection of 2019.

OSC’s Recycling & Sustainability group is starting the 2nd part of the school year’ service session this week. We have a group of veteran participants, all of who have worked with us at some point in the past.

We have several exciting challenges ahead:

  • To continue working to reduce the school’s ecological footprint on campus with a special focus on solid waste reduction and separation.
  • To run an informative and produce OSC Environment Day on March 12th while also supporting the more globally focused Earth Day on April 24th. We are looking forward to working with other campus groups addressing sustainability (Reefkeepers etc.) in these endeavors.
  • To work with the school maintenance team to ensure that the new Biogas Plant is properly maintained and fed. Over the winter holidays it was neglected and so we are having to recharge it with come dung to prepare it for taking in school foot waste.

Recent Press Reports on Recycling, Sustainability & Solid Waste in Colombo & Sri Lanka

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“Plastic Recycling Project in Sri Lanka.” Roar Media. 13 December 2018. Web.

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