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Recycling & Sustainability at OSC

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Sorting cardboard and other recyclables at the OSC recycling room.

The OSC recycling and sustainability group works every Thursday to decrease the ecological footprint of the school by organizing recycling and raising awareness about resource use and energy consumption in our school community. The service activity has students from Grade 6-12 and occasionally we have primary school students join us. Here are some pictures from a typical Thursday afternoon.

Loading cardboard into the school pickup truck. We earn SL rupees 10 per kg of cardboard at the scrap dealer.

Unloading cardboard at the recycling center/scrap yard.

Weighing cardboard at the scrap yard/recycling center.

Scrap yard near Battaramulla where we sell our recyclable materials.

Payment received for cardboard sold.

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2011-04-22 at 9:02 AM